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Having clean and branded materials can help establish the professionalism of your practice and help you provide top notch patient care.

Patients often get overwhelmed during appointments and forget explanations or medical instructions they receive. Creating patient education items can help your patients follow directions, reduce the number of follow-up calls your office receives and increase your compliance with MIPS.

Patient education items can come in many formats and mediums. Below are some ideas and samples of patient education items but we can customize any item for your practice.

At 4 Corners Medical Marketing we can help you create these valuable resource for your patients. We can create a first draft of any patient education item and then review with a member of your clinical team to ensure the handouts align with what your team is telling patients during appointments. Some ideas of patient handouts are:

  • Welcome packet (this is a great place to include information about patient portals, payment, no show policies, privacy disclosures, etc.)
  • Patient education handouts for specific conditions and procedures (text or infographic)
  • Posters to hang in lobby and exam rooms
  • Physician videos on specific conditions or recommendations
  • Custom folders if you have multiple patient handouts
  • Tracking logs
  • Quick tips
  • And more

Patient education items can be tailored to your patient base. We can create printed text handouts, visual infographics, or videos. Tailoring the delivery of your items can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your patient education items. We will work with your practice to determine the right medium for your patient education items.

Sample Patient Education Items